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  • Mike slogging through another day of research

  • Yes, this vineyard is someone’s office. Not a bad way to earn a living, if you can get used to the view.

  • Traverse City’s Front St. is home to some world-class cuisine, hip martini bars and microbreweries. Great nightlife wrapped in small town charm.

  • Black Star Farms’ stately Inn is conveniently located next to its winery. And they have horses! Giddyup!

  • Traverse City in a nutshell: Cherry trees, vineyards, blue skies and water.

  • Peninsula Cellars is the perfect schoolhouse: all the lessons are about wine! Best homework ever.

  • Think you could get used to kicking off your shoes with a nice glass of white here?

  • No wonder the wine’s so good. Think how happy the grapes must be growing here.

  • The Perry-Hannah House, part of the area’s historical tour. Amazing homes, even more amazing histories.

  • After a while, you start wondering if there are any bad views in Traverse City.

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